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Therapy, Parenting Support and Family Mediation

Providing family mediation and comprehensive therapeutic services to children, teens, adults and families.

In-person sessions are offered in Waterloo, Ontario.

Online sessions are offered Ontario wide.


I am a Registered Social Worker and Certified Family Mediator in Waterloo.  I provide therapy to individuals and families that are struggling with a variety of issues such as stress, life transitions, parent/teen conflict, separation and divorce.

In helping families navigate separation, divorce and/or parenting plans, my role is that of a neutral third-party and guiding a process whereby people in conflict can reach lasting and durable solutions and agreements

Rock in Sand

My practice consists of using evidence-based therapies to help you work towards goals that you set for yourself as we work together. My therapeutic framework is strengths based and client centered.  


I believe that if we work collaboratively together to find and address the root causes of the issues you are facing, we can develop a plan and steps to address your struggles, and find the best ways to help you move forward.

 Supporting you in navigating the ups and downs of parenthood; gaining better understanding and support in managing your child’s behaviours, emotional struggles or withdrawal.

Assisting you in creating a child-focused parenting plan, including topics such as: how you will make decisions about your children (for example, together or individually); when each of you will spend time with your children; how you will share information and communicate

I am available to assist with parenting coordination and disputes related to existing parenting plans.


Phoebe Montgomery, MSW, RSW

Satellite Office Location: 420 Weber Street North, Suite 203

Tel: 226-796-9191


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"It's not the load that breaks you down, its the way you carry it"...Lena Horne

I would be happy to help you unpack all that you carry and work with you on how you might walk through this difficult time in a healthier way.

Waterloo, Ontario
Tel: 226-796-9191
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