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Equine Assisted Counselling

Equine Assisted Counselling is a form of therapy involving the horse as a partner in the therapy process.

This service provided by Phoebe Montgomery MSW, RSW, does not involve mounted work, rather a more somatic experience of being near, around and interacting with the horse while working through feelings, thoughts and exploring the present moment. 

All about relationship.....

We all bring something to our relationships. How we show up for people and how we react to the way in which others show up (or don't) for us, has an impact both internally and on the world around us.


Horses are one of the most perceptive of all domesticated animals (*).  Equine Assisted Counselling utilizes the observations of what is happening in the interplay of the person(s), the horse, the environment, and talk therapy to help you gain a better understanding of your thought patterns, actions and how you show up in your relationships and spaces. 


Bringing a sense of calm...

There is something so serene and calming when in the presence of horses. I cannot even count how many times I have driven by a farm, observed horses grazing outside and announced "horses"..taken in by their majestic presence. Have you found yourself doing this too?  

If this has happened to you, can you think back to how the sight of those horses peacefully grazing in the field made you feel? Did you enjoy that pause, or feel a sense of happiness or calm?  

Together in an Equine Partnered Assisted Counselling session we can explore the impact of the nervous system on your actions, emotions and perceptions of your experiences, in the presence of amazing horses.


Contact me today if you are interested in discussing an Equine Partnered Assisted Counselling Session

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